Pueblo of Jemez Welcome Center

The Mountain West Brew Fest

The center is open from 9A-4P, 7 days a week for the month of June. In July our hours are from 8A-5P, 7 days a week. For more information call the welcome center at (505)834-7235.

The welcome center is having a summer sale on all souvenir shirts, children and adult sizes, jackets and vests for 20% off. 50% off all water bottles.

Hiking is available at a cost of $5 a person and a guided hike for the price of $7, call ahead for a guided hike. This hike is called the Red Rock Hike, a distance of a mile and a half.

The Pueblo of Jemez is a closed community and is only open during our annual feast days and other occasions we celebrate.

Santa Fe National Forest Info:

Forest Rd 10 from Ponderosa to Hwy 550 is closed due to road maintenance.

Forest Rd 376 is open from the north, a section is closed off due to road maintenance, closed right before the Gilman Tunnels but the road will reopen on June 15th.

All the picnic/rest areas are now open.

Fenton Lake is still closed till further notice.

The Valles Caldera is still closed till further notice.

Soda Dam is open.