El Camino Real

El Camino Real (“the Royal Road”) follows the Rio Grande from the U.S./Mexico border to Santa Fe and for 300 years was the Southwest’s main road for travelers.

Portions of the road followed the Rio Grande Pueblo Indian Trail, in use since before the arrival of the first Spanish explorers.

Within Sandoval County, El Camino Real curves through the southeast section of the county bringing travelers through three pueblos (Cochiti, Santo Domingo & San Felipe). Although there are sections of the original Camino Real that are no longer accessible, the route chosen for this byway is the one that most closely follows the original path.
From Santa Fe, take NM 16 west to Cochiti. Go to Peña Blanca, and then to NM 22 toward Santo Domingo. In Santo Domingo take NM 16 to get through town, and then travel NM 313 to San Felipe and Algodones.

For more information, contact the New Mexico Department of Tourism, (800) 733-6396.