Village of Jemez Springs

With towering mesas overhead and rich culture in the red dirt below, the Village of Jemez Springs is truly unique. Scenic views contribute to its geographic prominence while tradition and tales keep its history alive—but any visitor of the Village of Jemez Springs knows it’s the spirit of adventure that keeps them coming back.

Located in Sandoval County, between Santa Fe and Albuquerque, this local gem is considered a top day-cation destination, with attractions and activities to please every visitor. From sight-seeing expeditions to relaxing retreats, here are a few (of the many) wonders that await you in the Village of Jemez Springs:

Soaking in the Several Hot Springs

Perhaps some of the most renowned attractions of the Village of Jemez Springs are its hot springs—it’s in the name after all! Beyond a relaxing soak, you’ll experience breathtaking views and the unique, healing nature of hot spring water. Within the Village of Jemez Springs are several spa-like spots, including resort hot springs, bath houses, and other pampering retreats. While just a short drive up the Jemez Mountain Trail are several natural hot springs locations, some require a short walk while others are right off the road—both, however, are equally delightful.

Visiting the Jemez Historic Site

The Jemez Historic Site beautifully encaptures a piece of Southwest history, allowing visitors to experience centuries-worth of culture. Made up of stone ruins and a multi-story village, the Jemez Historic Site was formerly known as the Pueblo of Giusewa (referring to the natural hot springs) and was established around 1350 AD by the ancestors of the present-day people of the Jemez Pueblo. Today, visitors can roam the former village and learn of New Mexico’s history amid massive stone walls, pueblo ruins, and trails.

Getting Active Outdoors

With roaring rivers and magnificent mountains, it’s hard to not want to be outside while in the Village of Jemez Springs—and luckily, these sights offer more than just beautiful views. Pack a bag and head out on the trails for a hike or stay a few nights in the many camping areas. Go fishing along streams, take a dip in waterfall pools, or experience an epic biking trail. No matter the time of year, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in the Village of Jemez Springs.

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