Celebrate Native American Heritage Month in Sandoval County

Throughout the month of November—recognized as Native American Heritage Month—it’s the perfect time to embark on a cultural tour through Sandoval County.

Home to ten pueblos and two indigenous nations, Sandoval County is proud of its Native American heritage and culture. For both visitors and locals, this month offers a unique opportunity to learn about the vibrant cultures and history that have shaped our land and communities.

To dive into the area’s Native American heritage, Sandoval County recommends visiting area pueblos. Here, you’ll have the chance to learn about the history and long-enduring customs of each pueblo. Plan your visit around Thanksgiving Day to catch the Zuni Pueblo Christmas Light Parade or on November 12th to attend the San Diego Feast Day at Jemez Pueblo. Be sure to check event calendars for traditional dances and events offered by pueblos throughout the month. Please remember, these are cultural and religious ceremonies, and visitors are expected to remain polite and respectful, following all rules for each event. When planning a visit to these communities, please be aware of restrictions on photography and other images and respect the traditions and privacy of the residents. It’s always recommended to call ahead before planning your visit.

While in the area, explore the Jemez Historic Site and stop by the Walatowa Visitor Center to view and purchase authentic Native American art pieces. Drive up to Bandelier National Monument—one of the most visited sites in New Mexico—to experience life as an ancient cliff dweller. Walk through cave homes, climb ladders, and view petroglyphs to learn about the communities that resided in New Mexico around 11,000 years ago. Dive further into area history and culture by visiting the Coronado Historic Site and the ruins of the Kuana Pueblo, which first settled in the area around 1250 AD.

For those looking to bring home souvenirs, look no further than the variety of trading posts and art galleries, offering authentic, Native American art and products. Consider a stop at Jemez Fine Art Gallery or the Jemez Artisans Co-op Gallery & Shops. Don’t forget to browse the Santo Domingo Trading Post for a variety of Native American produced goods.

For the experiential traveler, consider a stay at Tamaya Resort, where you can learn about indigenous traditions of baking bread and storytelling in a hands-on manner.

Whatever adventure you choose, we invite you to experience the thriving cultures that have been honored for centuries throughout Sandoval County. Let’s all join together to honor, respect, and celebrate our indigenous communities.