Hot Springs & Spas

Escape and relax in untouched natural hot springs nestled within mountains, valleys and forests. Whether you want to enjoy an invigorating morning plunge or to relax after an adventure-filled day, we’ve got hot springs and pools, all fed from natural, geothermal sources for your mindfulness.

If a luxury spa is your Zen for relaxation and rejuvenation there are resorts and spas offerings massages, facials or a yoga session.

Natural Hot Springs

Many of the springs are located in remote destinations and will require hiking to reach. They give you a chance to experience one of the most surreal phenomena, sitting submerged in naturally heated hot springs while snowflakes fall around you or in the summer chill out and do the most incredible stargazing!

Jemez Hot Springs

The water on this property originates from deep beneath the Valles Caldera National Preserve about 17 miles up the mountain. Ancient sea water was trapped there long ago, infused with many minerals over eons of time. We believe it’s one of the reasons the water here in our village is so special. We offer four pools of varying temperatures, all containing therapeutic mineral water. Our pool temperatures are maintained at a comfortable 100-104 degrees fahrenheit. There is built in seating in the pools, and we provide floating chairs, too.


Jemez Bath House

Reflecting the tranquility of the Jemez Valley by nurturing the health and well-being of mind, body and spirit. Escape to the Jemez to relax, unwind and rejuvenate with natural mineral spring soaks and therapeutic massage in a historic setting.


Spence Hot Springs

This is an easy walk for the little ones. There is an array of several soaking pools with varying temperatures, so check them all out for your comfort zone. Walk about and explore the small cave nearby.  


McCauley Hot Springs

Lush area surrounded by pine trees that opens up to clear warm water with iconic views of Battleship Rock.  


San Antonio Hot Springs

These hot springs are nestled into the mountainside and each of the 4 pools vary in size and temperature. Relax, unwind, enjoy the mesmerizing mountains, you may seek a bald eagle while soaking in crystal clear water.


Hot Springs in Sandoval County


Green Reed Spa 

Experience luxury and pamper yourself into tranquility. Chooses from massages, facials, soaks, wraps, waxing and a selection of organic skin care products.


Canon del Rio Retreat & Spa

This is a spiritual mountain retreat that offers curated massages to please, relax and rejuvenate. 


Tamaya Mist 

Escape from the ordinary and treat yourself with soothing head to toe relaxation with massages, facials, manicures, pedicures and a full-service salon, fitness center and yoga. 


Adobe Morning Day Spa & Retreat

Reconnect with yourself, relax your body and mind, rejuvenate your spirit at this provincial abode and select from personalized therapeutic massages, hydration wraps and organic facials.