Corrales Bosque Preserve

The Corrales Bosque Preserve is a beautiful nature preserve with a trail that runs for 12.4 miles and is surrounded by a natural cottonwood forest that houses various riparian habitats. This engaging trail follows the Rio Grande and begins and ends in Corrales, making it the perfect trail for people traveling to or living in the Village of Corrales. The Corrales Bosque Preserve is a declared protected area, and thus when planning your trip, be sure to respect the land and avoid littering and walking off-trail. See Sandoval encourages enjoying this beautiful nature preserve to the fullest for all hikers, walkers, bicyclists, and families!

History of Corrales Bosque Preserve

In 1978, the Corrales Bosque Preserve was officially protected and maintained by the Village of Corrales. The nature preserve is home to avian migratory birds and other birds that make the preserve their habitat. There are many species of birds you may encounter on your trip along the Corrales Bosque Preserve trail, several of which are endangered, such as the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and the Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo. These birds are not only important for Southwest avian communities, but are also vital to the overall environment within the Corrales Bosque Preserve.

Visiting the Corrales Bosque Preserve

When you plan your visit to the Corrales Bosque Preserve, it’s important to pack all necessary equipment, including water and food. The trail, while beautiful, doesn’t offer amenities like bathrooms, outhouses, or drinking facilities. Being properly prepared for your trip is the first step to planning your hike, walk, or bike along the trail. We recommend packing additional water for the trail, as well as a lunch or snack that can be eaten along the way. We also recommend checking the weather forecast in advance and planning proper hiking, walking, biking, and family attire and activities accordingly. The trail can be hot during the spring, summer, and early fall, and can be cooler, windy, and even rainy during the same seasons.

The Corrales Bosque Preserve has two trailheads that are accessible to hikers, walkers, families, and bicyclists, and they may enter on either side. Parking is available for all trail enjoyers east of Romero Road in North Corrales. Once you’re parked and have your gear ready, the pathway begins after walking across the bridge over the ditch—the trail will follow the Rio Grande along the way. If you’re entering the trail by Meowlark to Andrews Lane, you will turn right and park at the gate at the end of the road. Walk over the ditch to access the trail and begin your adventure along the Rio Grande.
While enjoying the Corrales Bosque Preserve, be sure to adhere to right-of-way signage along the way, as this will direct you if you come across other hikers, bikers, walkers, or families enjoying the trail. Fishing is also allowed along the trail, but be sure you have your New Mexico Fishing License before you begin your trip! There are many great adventures to enjoy while on the Corrales Bosque Preserve trail, including a family day, training for a marathon or bicycle event, immersion in nature, health benefits, and more! New Mexico’s high altitude is ideal for training and exercising!

Post-Hike Food, Drink, and Relaxation

After your hike, you can look forward to a delicious meal and irresistible drinks at Ex Novo Brewery, or for early walkers, hikers, bikers, and families, you can enjoy a tasty brunch at Hannah & Nate’s. Look forward to relaxation, food, and drinks following the beauty of the Corrales Bosque Preserve trail. You and your family will love all the food options available, and you’ll be supporting local New Mexico restaurants! Ex Novo Brewery and Hannah & Nate’s are also dog-friendly, so you can enjoy food with your loyal furry companion by your side!

Plan Your Visit to Corrales Bosque Preserve

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to shed light on Corrales’ local trails which are ready to be enjoyed by everyone! Whether you’re in search of a beautiful hike, walk, bike, or family trip filled with local history, avian communities, and gorgeous scenery, you’ll be delighted to enjoy the 12.4-mile hike into the heart of Corrales. Plan your trip to the Corrales Bosque Preserve today!