New Mexico's landscapes are beautiful—please do your part to protect our outdoor spaces for future generations. When you spend time outside, take your trash with you. #NewMexicoTrue #NMTrue

We’re all in this together. We invite every New Mexican to make a personal promise to follow COVID-Safe Practice (CSPs) to make our beautiful state the safest place for our families, coworkers, and guests.

Sandoval County

Sandoval County. Home to nearly 3,700 square miles of culture, tradition and expansion. From the 4oo-year old promise of the Las Fiesta de San Lorenzo, to the awe inspiring traditions of the Jemez Native Americans - our historical roots run deep and true. .


Valles Caldera

If you love the outdoors you must love the Valles Caldera National Preserve. It is an endless wonder to see, but just as endless in outdoor activity options. This time out the True TV Crew tackles fly fishing and takes a spin at cycling the mountain trails. The only disappointment is the inability to see it all and do it all in a single visit. Fortunately you will be thrilled to make plans to come back. #NewMexicoTrue


This rural village sits on the banks of the Rio Grande, nestled tightly between the first and third largest cities in New Mexico. Despite the metropolis surrounding it Corrales maintains a lifestyle that is slower and quieter. And the attributes of a small farming community still thrive, with a popular growers market, horseback riding, and quaint village shops and restaurants. #NewMexicoTRUE

Jemez Springs

There’s a pretty good hint in the name Jemez Springs that the area is replete with hot water boiling up from beneath the earth. Turns out this gorgeous mountain range sits atop what was once a supervolcano. Michael and the True TV crew draw the tough assignment to test the wide variety of hot springs available and, in a very relaxed state, share their soothing adventures with us.

Ojos Saloon

In many ways it is just the neighborhood bar. But in this case the neighborhood is breathtaking, and the bar is unique in décor, food, and patrons. Michael and the True TV Crew give us a glimpse of why Los Ojos is unlike any other bar.

Jemez Lodging

Yes, you can simply camp in the Jemez Mountains. The surroundings alone provide a memorable backdrop for some shut-eye. But you can also trade the tent for numerous wonderful opportunities at lodging in luxury, or at least luxury Jemez-style. And as the True TV Crew shows us, the many choices are as special as the surroundings. #NewMexicoTrue

Jemez Hiking

By foot or by float, the Jemez Mountains offer adventure opportunities that are clamoring for your visit. Or that could just be the rush of water over the abundant waterfalls. Whether you are seeking rigorous or relaxing, the Jemez offers pleasing paddling and pedestrian possibilities for everyone. #NewMexicoTrue

Jemez Ruins

Each year in December this already-amazing historic site in Jemez Springs adds to its wonder with farolitos and luminarias, Jemez Pueblo dancers and traditional music. 
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Jemez Archeology

The Jemez and Coronado Historic Sites offer an unusual opportunity for getting your hands on history. Volunteers can get some basic archeology training and join in the effort to learn more about the ancient cultures that lived at the two sites.
To take par you must first join the Friends group for Coronado and Jemez. You can do that by contacting

New Mexico Chile

New Mexico green chile is the only true Chile.

Low Riders

There’s more to lowriders than just impressive cars. With a strong commitment to community, deep roots in faith, culture and family, and a unique sense of artistry, lowriders — and the people who drive them — embody the heart and soul of New Mexico’s Northern Valley.
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Summer Family Travel

Star Parties

New Mexico's stargazing opportunities are among the best in all of North America. The combination of high altitude, low humidity, and and vast open areas without light pollution are key factors. 
As a result "Star Parties" are common all across the state. In this case we get a glimpse of two Star Parties, at Bandelier National Monument and at Cerrillos Hills State Park.

NM True TV-Treasure - Bandelier National Monument

Both accessible to just about anyone and amazing to all, Bandelier offers a hands-on glimpse at life as it was in this canyon a thousand years ago. The cliffside caves and the valley bottom structures create an experience unique to this place.

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New Mexico True Stories - The Mother Road

NM True TV - Jemez Grand Entry and Welcome

Route 66 National Scenic Byway

NM True TV El Camino Real Historic Trail Site

Turquoise Trail Natl Scenic Byway