Get in the Holiday Spirit with Unique Sandoval County Traditions

While New Mexicans answer the question “red, green, or Christmas?” when dining out throughout the year, the holiday season brings a special twist to the traditional cuisine of the area. Celebrating with food, visitors can indulge in the unique flavors of New Mexico holiday meals. 

Whether you’re able to visit Sandoval County during the holidays or you wish to celebrate New Mexico-style from afar, add these classic dishes to your holiday menu: 

Green Chile Stew

Hearty, filling, and warm, green chile stew is a winter staple for all in Sandoval County and throughout the state. Enjoy the heat of the chile, combined with vegetables and beef or pork for a spicy and tasty dinner.


For many across New Mexico, tamales are a must for holiday dinners. Whether you prefer pork and red chile or chicken and green chile, these tasty delicacies are perfect to be served as a meal or as an accompaniment to stews, posoles, and other New Mexican cuisine. 


PosolePosole with Red Chile

A traditional New Mexico holiday meal that warms both the body and the soul, posole combines New Mexico red chile and pork into a delicious and filling soup. 



The official state cookie of New Mexico shines during the holiday season. With a crunchy texture, a slightly spicy and sweet flavor, these cookies are a must for any holiday gathering. 


Homemade Tortillas

A perfect meal, snack or side to any meal, homemade tortillas bring New Mexico flavors to life. Try as a side with stew or posole, use to make breakfast burritos, or eat them plain.

If you’re in Sandoval County for the holidays, be sure to stop into one of our many restaurants to try these unique flavors. For those at home, bring Sandoval County traditions to your kitchen by trying the recipes for yourself. 

From all of us in Sandoval County, we wish you a happy holiday season and a table filled with delicious treats and spicy eats!