Hiking in Albuquerque

Albuquerque is home to an abundance of beautiful hiking trails that traverse various landscapes. Taking time to enjoy nature and all that it has to offer is what hiking is all about. Hiking allows for the feeling of accomplishment through the challenge of the hike, the amazing views, and the chance to explore new areas of Albuquerque. Whether you’re in search of an easily walkable trail or a more difficult hike that involves overcoming challenges—there are many wonderful hiking trails to choose from! 

La Luz Trail 

Extending 7.7 miles into the heart of the Sandia Mountains, the La Luz Trail is a challenging and rewarding hike that is popular among avid hikers. Starting north of Juan Tabo off of Tramway Road NE, the La Luz Trailhead is a strenuous hike that requires preparation and equipment before heading out. However, once on the trail, hikers can expect to climb through three climate zones filled with unique landscapes and various vegetation along the way. Hikers may choose to end their ascent up the Sandias by riding the tram down the mountain, or they can choose to turn around and head back down the trail themselves. 

Piedra Lisa Trail 

The Piedra Lisa Trail is another popular trail for both hikers and trail runners alike. The Piedra Lisa Trail runs for 5.8 miles and is often divided into two separate hikes—Piedra Lisa North and Piedra Lisa South. Both trails intersect various other trails like the Movie Trail, Fletcher Trail, Rincon Spur Trail, and Del Agua Trail which can be detoured if desired. The Piedra Lisa Trail is steep toward the northern end as it ascends up the Juan Tabo ridge, and loose rocks and footing make the trail a difficult one at this point. However, the trail offers spectacular views of the Sandias as well as the canyons below. 

Rinconada Canyon Trail 

The Rinconada Canyon Trail hike is an easy hike that is open year-round and offers a look at petroglyphs along the way. Running for a 2.2-mile loop, this trail is ideal for a family or solo hike. The trail starts next to the canyons and mesas and eventually loops around through the canyon where the petroglyphs are visible. Hikers may conclude the Rinconada Canyon Trail with a visit to the National Monument visitor’s center to learn more about the canyon and the Native American petroglyphs along the way. 

Paseo del Bosque Trail 

If you’re in search of an easy trail with beautiful views, then look no further than the Paseo del Bosque Trail! This trail has paved asphalt that makes it accessible to anyone who is looking for a relaxing, yet rewarding hike around the Bosque. Located inside Albuquerque, the Paseo del Bosque Trail offers scenery of the Rio Grande River, benches, and picnic tables for resting, as well as wheelchair and mobility accessibility. The trail itself runs for 17.7 miles but is the perfect trail for a leisurely walk, run, or to bike. 


Hike Albuquerque Trails 

Hiking is a wonderful way to exercise while exploring the beauty of nature that Albuquerque has to offer. While these are only a few of the wonderful hiking trails in Albuquerque, there are an abundance of other trails ranging from easy hikes to difficult and challenging. Enjoy the beauty of Albuquerque when you plan your visit! Don’t miss out on the rewarding feeling of a hike—plan your hiking adventure today!