Hiking in Santa Fe

Hiking in the Southwest is ideal during fall, as temperatures change and the sun sets earlier—and there’s no location more exciting and idyllic than Santa Fe. With beautiful scenery, the Sangre de Cristo Mountains looming, and the Rio Grande running throughout, Santa Fe has an abundance of challenging and scenic hikes for both beginners and experienced hikers alike. Ready to start your adventure? We break down some of Santa Fe’s most popular hiking destinations.

Dale Ball Trails North

This 4.4-mile loop trail is the ideal hike for beginners or those who want an easier hike. Dale Ball Trails North takes hikers around beautiful Santa Fe scenic landscapes and is well-maintained and marked. Bring your furry companion along with you on this trail, just remember to bring a leash!

Picacho Peak 

Picacho Peak is a 3.8-mile trail taking hikers back into Santa Fe National Forest. This trail doesn’t loop around, so account for turning around at the end of the trail. Picacho Peak is a moderately difficult trail, well-marked and maintained, and allows for dogs on leashes.

Atalaya Mountain Trail

Located just outside of Santa Fe, the Atalaya Mountain Trail is a popular hiking destination for its beautiful views and moderately challenging 6.2-mile hike. This trail does not loop, so ensure you’re prepared to hike back down after reaching the summit.

Sun Mountain Trail

Sun Mountain Trail runs 1.6-miles out and is a moderately challenging hike. This hike is rewarding for the beautiful views once you reach the top. There are a few steep and rocky parts nearest to the end of the hike. This trail is also dog friendly.

Nambe Lake Trail

Nambe Lake Trail is a challenging hike that runs 6.7-miles out and takes an average of four hours to complete. This trail takes hikers through the Sangre de Cristo mountains and experiences a 2,080 ft elevation gain which leads to Nambe Lake. This trail is perfect for more experienced hikers and isn’t recommended for beginners, as the hike is challenging and has steep inclines.

Plan Your Hiking Adventure in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a wonderful destination for art, historic landmarks, and rich history—it is also the perfect destination for hikers to enjoy beautiful scenery and challenging trails. There are an abundance of great trails to explore in and around Santa Fe. Enjoy your stay in Santa Fe and explore all that it has to offer through hiking. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime when you plan your hiking adventure in Santa Fe!