Love pops up at El Zocalo Plaza and Event Center

Love was in the air at the El Zocalo Plaza and Event Center on Friday, February the 14th, but love wasn’t the only thing popping up.

More than half a dozen couples signed up to either renew their vows or take the matrimonial plunge in 20-minute increments at El Zocalo’s first-ever Pop-Up Wedding event.

One such couple were El Zocalo Volunteer Jerry Roblyer and his wife Ann of 27 years who were the first to step forward and renew their vows.

“Besides already knowing about this event and wanting to renew our vows, today marks our 20th anniversary of moving to New Mexico,” Jerry Roblyer said.

There is no one secret to a successful marriage, he said, it comes down to how compatible a couple is with one another.

“We try not to sweat the small stuff and it helps to crazy about one another,” Roblyer said with a smile. “

Just seconds before this happy couple met under the altar to renew their vows, Jerry Roblyer said he felt unexpectedly nervous.

Then a reverent hush came over the ceremony as two life-long friends faithfully forged forward to renew their love for one another.

Magistrate Judge Ann Maxwell-Chavez was poised and ready for the reading; having prepared for this event for over a month.

Dora Dominquez, director of economic development for Sandoval County, said she was taken aback to when she first got married to her husband over 20 years ago.

“You know this kind of thing is going to happen because you plan for it, but when it actually took place I felt the romance in the air,” she said.

After the exchange of the rings, and a very tasteful kiss, the renewed Roblyer’s walked through a balloon display provided by ABC Balloon Decorating and prepared for some cider and some cake.

Dominquez along with Tourism and Event Coordinator Belle Allen were two of many who helped spread the word about this first-ever event.

Pink Ladies Food Truck was available for onsite tasty food purchases and cake from Cake Boutiques out of Albuquerque and sparkling cider complements of Joe‘s Pasta House were provided to all participants after the ceremony.  Also, besides there already being a professional photographer, Magic Mirror Photo Booth of New Mexico was also present to help each happy couple choose the right pose for the occasion.

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By Stephen Montoya