Pick Your Adventure—Explore Three Easy Day Trips within Sandoval County

There’s nothing quite like the classic summer road trip to create lasting family memories. With car games, sing-a-longs, fun snacks along the way, and opportunities to see unique sights throughout the drive, families can bond and enjoy quality time together. This summer, consider a road trip to Sandoval County, New Mexico, where you can not only have the excitement of the journey, but also enjoy an affordable destination with a wide variety of attractions.  

In Sandoval County, you can enjoy several incredible and distinctive destinations—all within easy driving distance. 

Best of all, there’s something for every member of the family—no matter how diverse your interests. 

For nature lovers, spend the day at Jemez Springs. In addition to beautiful landscapes that create the perfect backdrop for family vacation photos, Jemez Springs offers healing natural hot springs, as well as ancient ruins and hiking trails. Stop by the Jemez Bath House to unwind and rejuvenate. 

For artists and art lovers, take a day trip to Corrales. Experience the eclectic village and stroll down Mainstreet to view galleries, boutiques, wineries, breweries, and delectable restaurants. 

For National Park enthusiasts, no visit to Sandoval County is complete without a day at Valles Caldera National Preserve. One of the nation’s newest National Parks and a recently designated International Dark Sky Park, Valles Caldera is home to the second largest elk population in the state, as well as a host of other wildlife. Additionally, the site is one of only six super volcanoes in the world. A popular destination for hiking, camping, fishing, and outdoor adventure, the Valles Caldera is a must-see! 

For those staying longer, visit all the unique communities throughout the County for an immersion into New Mexico art, culture, cuisine, and recreation. 

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