Things To Do Along Route 4

Jemez Mountain Trail National Scenic Byway, New Mexico State Road 4, NM Route 4, New Mexico 4.
—All different names for the same, scenic highway in Northern Central New Mexico! Stretching from San Ysidro near the Town of Bernalillo to Los Alamos near Pojoaque, The Jemez Mountain Bypass is a 132-mile loop of scenic, natural, cultural, and historic assets. If you find yourself on this popular roadway and wonder what things there are to do, the answer is plenty! From hikes and hot springs to wineries and wilderness, discover all NM Route 4 has to offer and plan some pit stops at these sites:

Walatowa Welcome Center at Pueblo of Jemez

Walatowa Welcome Center welcomes you to the historic Jemez Pueblo, complete with information on the Towa tribe and a Museum of History and Culture. Stop by and take a step into Native American heritage!

Ponderosa Winery

Located in the Poderosa Valley, its namesake, Ponderosa Winery, handcrafts award-winning wines from New Mexico grapes. Stop by for a glass, good conversation, and an unforgettable experience!

Village of Jemez Bath House

Built in the 1870s, the Village of Jemez Bath House contains eight pools, a massage studio, and a gift shop. It’s a non-profit owned by the Village of Jemez Springs, and all proceeds go back to the village. Stop by for a soak and some R & R!

Red Rock Canyon Trail

Nestled within Jemez Pueblo’s infamous red rocks, this trail serves as a great opportunity to take in the town’s beautiful views while also learning about its history and people. Stop by for a stroll!

Jemez Historic Site

The Jemez Historic Site is composed of stone ruins and villages that beautifully encapsulate a piece of Southwest history. Stop by and take a step into Jemez’s past, dating back to 1350 AD.

Battleship Rock Trailhead

This moderately difficult trail surrounds a unique, natural landform of volcanic rock, resembling a battleship. Stop by and venture off into Jemez Falls or enjoy a picnic along the route.

Jemez Falls Trails

Enjoy a short hike to a series of hot springs, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Jemez Mountains. Stop by for a soak and leave feeling as refreshed as ever!

Gilman Tunnels

What once was part of the Santa Fe Railway in 1920 are now rocky tunnels to explore—which have been the set for many Hollywood hits. Stop by for an adventure unlike any other!

McCauley Warm Springs

The reward for a 3.5-mile hike is a cluster of natural, thermal springs located amidst a scenic wonder of the Jemez Mountains. Walk or ride your bikes in and enjoy a relaxing soak in addition to beautiful views!

Valles Caldera National Preserve

The Valles Caldera is a 13.7-mile-wide collapsed volcano crater, which is now home to a variety of animals, including herds of elk, coyotes, bears, and more. Stop by for a thrilling look at nature or check out the cabin house of Sheriff Walt Longmire from the well-known television series Longmire!

Bandelier National Monument

This monument preserves the ancestral lands of at least 23 former Ancestral Puebloan tribes. This national monument is truly a must-see site, and we highly encourage you to stop by.

Soda Damn

When you smell sulfur, you’ll know you’re at the Jemez Springs Soda Damn! A grouping of 15 hot springs has formed a bridge of calcium carbonate and travertine, creating a geological wonder you have to stop and see!

Santa Fe National Forest

Along Route 4 is the beautiful Santa Fe National Forest, consisting of miles of lakes, mountain peaks, wildlife, and so much more. Be sure to stop by for a hike or camp for the night!

NM Route 4 Activities

There are plenty of things to do along NM Route 4—and they’re all waiting for you! Plan your drive through this northern NM highway and discover a number of New Mexico treasures.